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File-based workflows promise flexibility—the ability to design your workflows and scale up or down to suit your business and your budget. Getting there calls for a new class of graphics solutions designed from the ground up to set your operations free

Introducing Gallium FACTORY

Gallium FACTORY is the first graphics solution to deliver the impact of Clarity graphics in a package expressly designed for file-based workflows.

Ready to be deployed on standard IT servers situated anywhere on an IP network, locally or remotely, Gallium FACTORY provides an economical package to add graphics muscle precisely where it is needed. And, you will never compromise on quality or capability as — Gallium FACTORY output is identical down to the last pixel to that from top-of-the-line Clarity hardware.

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Watch Promo Versioning with Gallium FACTORY

What Can You Do With Gallium FACTORY?

Gallium FACTORY lets you add file based graphics capacity to your operation with less capital expenditure by increasing utilization of machines. Free of the traditional signal chain, Gallium FACTORY opens endless possibilities.

Gallium FACTORY takes Pixel Power’s intelligent graphics templates and automatically populates them, rendering the finished sequences and delivering them direct to transmission or to an asset management system. All graphics are pre-rendered and are ready for delivery without the need for a high-end playout device.

Rapid Deployment

Best of all, deploying Gallium FACTORY is fast with no complicated integration requirements. Just add it to your network and you are ready to feed a new channel. That’s important in today’s evolving, multi-channel, multi-screen world.

Gallium FACTORY is the smart, affordable solution for nonlinear, store-and-play content delivery operations such as IPTV channels, video on demand services, mobile content, news operations, and second screen viewing applications.

Gallium FACTORY Delivers:

Work order based production of graphics

Flexible, server-based implementation of the Clarity Graphics engine which composites graphics over media files

Highest visual quality output

Including full range of Clarity Graphics applications

  • Integrated Character Generator, still store, 2D & 3D DVE and 3D timeline tools
  • Back to back clip playback support
  • Simple java scripting facilitates intelligent template functionality
  • Powerful audio suite: synchronize & trigger playout of graphics and multi track audio elements; duck, mute & mix for VOs ; Dolby processing embedded and AES I/O

Gallium FACTORY Enables You To:

  • Produce graphics overlays for QC, web delivery or post production
  • Create graphics for program material and graphics overlays for thematic/static channels for playout by video or streaming file server
  • Add promos and graphics watermarking to multi-screen or video on demand content.
  • Save time and money by supporting existing Pixel Power templates and advanced automation of data sources
  • Realize high equipment utilization
  • Maintain the same graphics creation workflow for both live and rendered content
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